Monday, February 18, 2008


1st and foremost!

I'm a Hip Hop artist out of San Bernardino, Ca. I'm heavily involved with all types of music Hip Hop/R&B/Pop/Rock etc and I can say I'm well rounded when it comes to all aspects of the business, but! I'm proud to say I don't know everything...yet... I say yet because I will someday =). I've got to open for some of the hottest artist out on the market as well as some of the most respected on the underground...You can check the myspace for all of that at ..

PLUG OUT THE WAY!!...Now-a-dayss in this digital world everyone from Rosie o'donnell to Miley Cyrus has become a day to day blogger. So I figure why not become the newest member of the Tell-All-Blog society =). Only seems right?? sorta... anywho.

Main main reason I decided to create a site like this...1. I enjoy writing, its very therapeutic. 2 I enjoy rambling and commenting on the most random things. annn most importantly to update you on The epic adventure of yours truly. I want to give you a closer than close view on what it takes to create a Album/mixtape & to show you the recording process the shows yada yada....including all the bullshiiii. that accure's along the way.. should be fun? I think so...

On that note.. Hope you enjoy all my thoughts and random acts via writings !

I don't do business on here so hit the myspace or email at


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