Sunday, December 14, 2008

Time For Change

So my guess is some of you have seen the recent "change"; I made in regards to my name. Reason behind it is; about two years ago when I took this name on there was absolutely NOONE with it. checked via myspace/facebook/google etc etc... So I said PERFECT!... Now, fast foward to present day there is about 15 different ones; now Im not saying I was the 1st to crown but I mean come on...So to set myself apart once again and to be seen as an individual instead of someone who could be mistaken for being non-creative...My new "alias" is going to be my gov. given name... Andrew Lewis....which is funny because its not actually "new"..but it does sound better to me. Anywho enough with my little rant. Change is good enjoy the new music coming!

Andrew Lewis!

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